We are so blessed to call the USA our home country. Before we went on our travels across the world we wanted to travel our own beautiful country first. The USA is such a large country with all different types of weather climates and landscapes throughout. We decided to roadtrip as we felt we could see the most having our own car. It is extraordinary how different each part of the country differs so much from the next. From the mountains, desert, farmland, and ocean side it really has everything to offer.

Badlands National Park

Before we went cross country exploring new places we decided to do a road trip around our home country (USA) and try to go to as many National Parks as possible. Since we did quit our jobs to travel full time we must think of different ways to save money. On this trip we decided to camp out most nights in our SUV to save money on accommodations. Luckily along the way there were many different campsites that offered showers and tables, making it easier to camp out. Before we went on our adventure we did purchase a National Park Pass for about $80. This was so worth it in this end for us because each park charges $20-$30 per car/per park. In the end we did make it to 12 different national parks. The USA holds 62 different National Parks throughout the country that are a must when visitin

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