Beautiful city of Doha, Qatar

On our way to Asia, flying with Qatar Airways, we decided to make our layover four days instead of four hours for no additional charge. To get to Asia from the USA it is about 20 hour journey. For us, that is wayyy to long of a travel day. So after our 13 hour flight from Chicago we landed in Doha where we stayed in a super luxury resort and relaxed for a couple days.

Doha really blew our minds with its endless beauty. Looking almost like a miniature version of Dubai with its giant sky scrapper sky line to its blue Persian gulf. While visiting we walked around the Souq (market) where you can find lots of different vendors with all sorts of items. We tried the Turkish coffee brewed in hot sand, Iranian dates with a hint of spice and local kebab wrap.

Our visit was in the middle of January so the weather wasnt extremely hot like it is in the summer months. Each day the high was about 75 degrees which was perfect out in the sun by the beach.

We stayed at the Sheraton Grand Doha which we would recommend to anyone. This resort was on the expensive side but if you have the Marriot Bonvoy Rewards, it can be free with your points (what we did). The resort was beach front with many restaurants on property. The pool was very relaxing where you can order lunch or cocktails. Working out is always a must while traveling and the gym here was incredible.

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