Make your way to Tambor Beach, Costa Rica

This little piece of Costa Rica is ABSOLUTE paradise! Getting here from Monteverde was a scenic route from our hotel to the ferry port on a shared shuttle, riding the ferry to the Nicoya Peninsula and getting another shuttle to our hotel about 30 minutes from the ferry port.

We stayed in this location for 4 night to complete our trip in Costa Rica. We are beach lovers so we felt more time near the ocean would suite our wants and needs better. The tour company picked another amazing hotel Tango Mar which is a beach front hotel offering so many different excursion for people. The restaurant on site was super delicious offering many different types of cuisines for people all around the world. We were set on getting a whole fried snapper which is very popular in this location. Drinks by the pool were very good and made our days super relaxing, especially after getting tossed around by the ocean waves.

We booked many different excursions through the hotel including island hopping with snorkeling, ATV ride to Montezuma, bike riding and to finish the trip off we got a couples massage and facials.

At the hotel there is a hike that starts and takes you through the forest to these cliff side views. During the hike we were accompanied with tons of monkeys following us through their territory and throwing down mangoes at us. we stayed along these cliffs for sunset and the views were just remarkable.

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