Such an AMAZING experience in the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam

When you walk into the city of Hoi An, Vietnam you really feel a special feeling of history and culture. Though it is very touristy, the city offers many different attractions for all types that makes it seem not so crowded. With all the history, beautiful beaches near by, a river filled with coconut boats, bicycles for rent, local vendors selling their favorite cuisine, there is a place for everyone.


  • Visit old town and stroll through the market
  • Bike through the rice fields
  • Visit the local beach (An Bang Beach)
  • Cruise down the river in a coconut boat
  • Take a day trip to My Son and/or Marble Mountain
  • Try Cau Lao (BEST at Mr. Son in old town)
  • Enjoy an egg coffee in a cafe


We cannot recommend the home stay we stayed at enough for everyone coming to enjoy this town. We stayed at D central Home stay in the old town of the city right in the hustle and bustle. As it is a home stay, you get to stay with a local, Susan, and her family in their house and enjoy different amenities they have to offer for guests. Each morning you can pick from 4-5 different freshly cooked options, always coming with fresh juice, coffee or tea and a plate of fresh cut fruits. She has bicycles for free for guests to cruise around the city and enjoy the sights. If you feel more adventurous and want to rent a motorbike for a day trip she also has them on property for rent at a reasonable price. As well as being one of the nicest local we have met she also has a lot to recommend around her city. Take her advice and do it!!!

Getting to Hoi An

As there is no airport in the city of Hoi An, you must reseach the best way for you to get to this amazing place. Da Nang, which is about 30 minutes north of Hoi An has an international airport with connections from many different places. Take the public transportation from the airport to Hoi An is the cheapest way to get there. Another possible way is hiring a taxi or grab but you will pay for the convenience. Just outside of the airport to the right is the bus stop, you want to catch the bus #12 which costs 5,000 VND. This bus will then drop you off about a mile away from the airport to the Bus stop #1 that takes you directly to Hoi An (this bus comes every 30 minutes). PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF OVER PAYING FOR THIS RIDE. The bus ride to Hoi An should only cost 20-30 VND. MANY MANY MANY people often get ripped off on this bus as the bus driver makes up his own rates. Do not give in to this and have your money (correct change) ready.

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