Hello! We are James and Kat and we absolutely love to travel.

After dating for only a year we planned our first cross country trip together to Costa Rica. Four years later, we have been working like crazy to save up money, planning new and longer trips and exploring countries we would have never thought we would ever end up.

May 2019 we began our bucket list dreams of quitting our jobs to travel full time and we could not be any happier about that decision. We sold most things out of our house in South Florida and brought with us our most valuable items.

To start our journey of traveling we figured we must explore our own country before we go and explore new countries across the world. We would start the longest road trip possible in the United States, from South Florida to NW Washington stopping at as many National Parks as we could. Keeping on a budget we decided to camp out majority of the nights in the back of our SUV.

After seeing our beautiful country we then took our first flight ever to EUROPE! Backpacking around Europe was one of the most amazing experiences with all of the old history, the incredible food and the most perfect scenery. We traveled from the North to South and made it to 18 different countries in almost 4 months.

As of now, we are getting way too excited for our upcoming adventure to Southeast Asia stopping in the Middle East along the way. We love to hear about any recommendation you may have for us on our travels. Also we are here if you need any guidance on any of our information.

Please check out our travel blogs and videos and let us know what you think of them?!

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