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Halong Bay

Perfect Itinerary for Halong Bay, Vietnam There are many myths to the history of Ha Long Bay and how this unique region got the name, “descending dragon.” Legends say that during a time when the Vietnamese were fighting off foreign invaders they called to the mother dragon and her children. The space where the dragons …

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Hoi An

Such an AMAZING experience in the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam When you walk into the city of Hoi An, Vietnam you really feel a special feeling of history and culture. Though it is very touristy, the city offers many different attractions for all types that makes it seem not so crowded. With all …

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Da Lat

Best of Da lat, Vietnam Getting away from the crazy chaos of Ho Chi Minh was long overdue for us. When getting to Da Lat we were instantly in love with the vibes of the city. With so many beautiful flowers neatly manicured around the city, cafes and coffees shops on every corner and a …