We decided to travel so much after our first out of the country trip together to Costa Rica. We fell in love with the mystery of exploring new places we have never been before. There is something about being in a new country outside of your comfort zone that gives us meaning to our lives. Throwing yourself in a new country encourages you to think on your feet.

Also while visiting new counties we always love to interact with the local people and learn their beliefs and everyday customs. We love trying new food and drinks so wherever we go we always stay open minded to their local dishes and give everything a try. Learning the local language is also something we like to take into consideration only if it is a couple words.

Escaping our routines of a normal work life to go out and explore is our ultimate high. Often we get to tied up in work and daily routines that we forget that there is such a beautiful world out there that most people only see a small slice of.

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